Your Guide to Ant Control

Ants can enter your home under several different circumstances but in most cases, they are searching for food. The unfortunate part is that your home happens to be close to wherever the queen decided to set up her home. Ants are very similar to humans in that they need to eat and drink for survival. Crazy Frog Pest Control Ant Control

Ants are highly social pests and seeing one ant likely means more are nearby. However, the problem is that killing some ants won’t take care of the entire problem. The key to treating ants is finding and treating the colony. Ants have become the primary insect infesting houses in the United States and if left alone can be quite difficult to control. Crazy Frog Pest Control understands the success of controlling ant infestations takes proper training, the proper products, and knowledge of the different behaviors of all the different ant species.

Quick Facts About Ants

  • Leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow, meaning more ants are on their way into your home.
  • Have satellite colonies in nearby yards or homes, meaning killing one colony might not be enough.
  • Lay up to 800 eggs in a day.
  • Live for decades and have millions of young.

Ant Infestation FeedingAnts are a very difficult pest control problem to control if you do not have the proper training or professional grade products. Most general pest control products will list ants on their label, but that does not mean they are the most effective treatment for ants. There are many products out there that will kill ants on contact but that will not solve your long-term pest problem. The issue with contact kill products is those ants will die before they make it to their nest which is key to properly eliminate any ant infestations. There are actually many over the counter products that do more harm than good when trying to control ants. If ants start to feel like their colony is under attack they actually start to build more colonies in order to preserve their life.

Proper Ant Identification

There are more than 700 species in the United States alone, making proper ant identification very difficult, especially to the untrained eye. Ants are usually spotted when they are hunting with their colony on avenues that are well established. When you come across a trail, it is important to look at the size of the ant. It is important to know if they are active in the day or night and if they are of different sizes. If you happen to find their nest, it is essential to understand the different shape or pattern since no ant species nest is the same.

Ant life cycle

Most males within the colony only live for a few weeks and quickly die after mating. The workers within the colony can live up to several months under the right circumstances. The queen has the ability to live for decades.

How Ants Work

  1. The colony sends out worker ants to collect food.
  2. Ants may avoid contact with the repellent area and return to the colony
  3. Ants that do contact the treated area often die before they can recruit or interact with nest mates
  4. Transfer potential is unlikely leaving a healthy colony to invade when the treatment’s residual fades

Ant control purchased at your big chain store can come in many forms from little bait stations to an aerosol spray. These products and the substances in them can be very dangerous if the label and directions are not followed properly. The worst part about these products is they usually won’t solve your ongoing ant infestation. The sprays that can be purchased over the counter are meant to kill any of the ants you see but they do not leave any lasting effect on the untreated ants or colony. If the ants are still able to enter through cracks or crevices of your house they would simply walk around the spray and find another way in. More importantly, their colony will still be uninjured and it will not stop producing more and more ants looking for food.

Additionally, some colonies are nearly impossible to reach without special equipment. If a colony or nest is located within your walls, a simple spray that anyone can buy will not be sufficient to properly treat the colony. Similarly, outdoor colonies can extend far below the surface, which is where most over-the-counter treatments stop working.

The most effective solution in controlling ants is the application of placing professional grade ant baits by a trained professional. However, it is important to understand that there are many different ant species with different tastes which make identification key to using baits.  For instance, there are certain ants that only like sugar, others have grown accustomed to protein, while others like starch and others change their diets based on different seasons. There are a lot of ants that look alike and what you think is a normal house ant could be a carpenter ant or a brown ant, or a harvester ant, or several other possibilities.  The next key to ant control is placing that ant bait in an area that will attract the most amount of ants without signaling their colony is under attack.

  • The workers of the ant colony look or hunt for food and vital in constructing their nest.
  • The queen’s most important duty is to lay eggs while the swarmers fly out to create new colonies and built up new civilizations.

Killing a few workers means the colony survives.

Crazy Frog Pest Control has created a very effective solution combining liquid, dust, and baits for a powerful ant control solution.