Crazy Frog Pest Control Service

Crazy Frog Pest Control Initial Service

Step 1

Initial Service

The initial service is designed to:

  • Identify & Prevent existing and potential pest problems
  • Flush out adult pests from interior nesting
  • Establish a protective barrier around the home
Crazy Frog Pest Control First Regular Service

Step 2

First Regular Service

The Egg Cycle Service is designed to:

  • Break the pest Egg Cycle
  • Control persistent pests
  • Fortify the protective barrier around the home
Crazy Frog Pest Control Quarterly Service

Step 3

Maintenance Service

Maintenance services are designed for:

  • Maintenance existing and potential pest problems
  • Continued control of persistent pests
  • Seasonal pest treatments
  • Maintaining the protective barrier around the home


The Initial Service

Your first service is a comprehensive inside and outside service designed to flush adult pests from your home and begin to establish a barrier. Residential homes receive constant pressure from local pest populations because insects and rodents need shelter, moisture, and food; which are all found in abundance around a home.

Why is the initial treatment important?

Pests cause physical damage to your structure and possessions, spread germs, irritate allergies and generally make the living environment comfortable by virtue of their presence. Pests only need 1/64 of an inch to enter your home. They enter through several access points including where pipes and wires come into the structure, expansion joints, foundation cracks, and through doors and window sills. Once around your home pests reproduce in higher rates not only because they have an abundance of food and shelter but also because they are protected from their natural predators.

During the flush out process we will use a combination of treatment methods customized to the time of year, type of construction, and scale of the problem or prevention needed. Your technician will do an assessment and inspection to identify each homeowner’s individual needs.

Crazy Frog Pest Control Comprehensive Service


First Regular Service

For every adult flea in your home, there may be up to 99 eggs waiting to hatch and reinfest your home. One female German roach carrying an egg sac can multiply into over 400,000 roaches in just one year under ideal conditions.
Your second service visit will be 30-60 days after the initial treatment. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Breaking the Egg Cycle

The Initial Service will flush adult pests away from your home. The Egg Cycle Service will make sure newly hatched pests don’t re-infest your home. Most insects develop from eggs. Insect eggs have a protective outer wet-shell making treatment ineffective until the insect’s hatch. It takes anywhere from 10 days to several months from the time of formation for eggs to hatch. Once insects hatch, they quickly grow through a series of stages to adulthood and begin laying eggs themselves if left untreated.

Evaluating Future Needs

During each service, descriptive notes on your property and pest problems are recorded in your file to communicate specific needs to our office and to future technicians.

Crazy Frog Pest Control Life Cycle of a Bug


Maintaining a Barrier

Much like with our own personal health, when there is a pest problem we tend to focus only on the immediate problem. Many pests continue to breed and stay active year round. In fact, a home usually becomes more vulnerable to pest pressure pushing inside when it cools down. Combine this with the fact that each season also presents a wave of new seasonal pest problems and the need for year-round pest service in this area of the country becomes critical.


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